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Principles And Advantages Of The Cutting Machine
Author:admin Date:2015/1/24 15:55:50


1. Paper cutting machine to the entire volume or an entire raw materials for fixed-length slitting, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel, film, leather, wood, etc. slitting, cut to be used in fixed-length control.
2. Cut the length of continuous set, if the actual cutting length error, easy way by setting the parameter calibration.
3. Paper cutting machine cutting control is divided into static and dynamic cut two ways: in setting the length to reach the exact stop, then static slitting, slitting restart after running; at length reaches the set time, non-stop issue cut signal, cutting in motion the process of dynamic material slitting.


Structural advantages

The front end of the middle of the paper tube cutting machine is attached to the paper tube machining spindle, the spindle using a set of bearings secured to the base, in the middle of a set of bearings mounted pulley; near the base compression cylinder mounted position, the support cylinder mounting the upper end of the rod set of strut bearings supporting the spindle.

In the upper end of the paper tube cutting machine is mounted surgeon shaft, and on which a number of blades provided in, and arranged according to a certain clearance; surgeon shaft support frame at the top of the paper tube cutting machine is also provided in the support frame intermediate with a supporting cylinder.

Structural advantages of paper cutting machine automatic cutting machine to fill technology gaps.

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