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Author:admin Date:2015/1/24 15:47:13

Cutter's operation is relatively simple, the environmental requirements are not high. Usually in the general's office with power supply can be guaranteed to work. General sheeter with automatic switching system, as long as the enemy of people lose paper cutter will automatically rotate the paper shredding. Cutter and some will need to press the start button, the cutter will rotate, can continue to cut. Shredding finished, press the stop / reverse button to make the cutter stops.


Is there paper clips, staples and other hard objects on the check should be preceded by shredding files to be broken. If so, should be removed and then put the paper into the mouth, or it may damage the tool. When using the cutter, it should be noted that one should not too much paper Cypriots, especially good quality paper, the use should pay particular attention to avoid skew try not to put paper into jams, narrow contrast To try to put the paper feed slot of the center.


For earlier products, in the event of a paper jam, when used, should be backwards keys or stop key to be able to continue to use broken. Most Cutter equipped with overload power protection device, when the motor overload fever, it will automatically shut down. At this point you should stop using 20 a 30min, the motor cool. At the same time, should be used to reduce the number of re-consider the appropriate number of inputs of the paper. More advanced cutter will automatically stop once the overload, the automatic withdrawal of paper, more convenient to use. When the cutter box is full, some machines will automatically sound to alert people to the timely removal of debris.

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